Engaging stakeholders in transdisciplinary research on agriculture and flood risk management.
New priorities in agricultural and flood defence policies, evident in the reformed EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), EU directives on the Water Framework and Habitat, and UK government initiatives such as Making Space for Water, are encouraging a re-appraisal of land management in rural areas, shifting from primarily agricultural production to delivering a variety of services including flood risk management. This shift affects rural livelihoods, or more specifically the livelihoods of farmers who are increasingly perceived as environmental stewards rather than food producers. This paper presents the results of two research projects on the opportunities and constraints of using agricultural land for flood risk management in upland areas and in floodplains. The findings are based on farmer interviews and stakeholder workshops. The views of farmers on recent policy changes are discussed as well as their views on the increasing calls to deliver services such as flood risk management. Policy makers that seek to promote multifunctional agriculture and integrated flood risk management need to take these perceptions into account to assure farmer cooperation.
Helena Posthumus
Joe Morris

transdisciplinarity; social research; rural land use; stakeholders

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Congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology
Wageningen, The Netherlands
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