The purpose of this research is to develop a framework that can help people find new ways to detect and harness rural change to enhance environmental, economic and social sustainability. There are a wide range of (sometimes conflicting) visions for a sustainable future held by those who visit or live and work in the Peak District National Park (PDNP), ranging from re-wilding (or land abandonment) and silvopastoralism to maintaining the status-quo. There are also multiple (mainly policy and socio-economic) drivers that may change the current land-use and livelihoods in the PDNP over the next 20 years. For example, the uncertain implications of CAP reform and the Water Framework Directive are a significant cause for concern for the majority of stakeholders, and possible tightening of burning regulations may constrain game-keepers and farmers who use burning as a land management tool.

Start date
31 July 2004
End date
30 July 2005
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Professor Klaus Hubacek
Dr Fred Worrall
Professor Joseph Holden
Dr Pippa Chapman
Dr James McQuaid
Dr Evan Fraser
Professor Sigrid Stagl
Professor Timothy Burt
Professor Andrew Dougill
Dr Christina Prell
Dr Mark Reed
Mr Andrew Turner
Dr Colin Pitts
Professor Michael Kirkby
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Interdisciplinary Studies
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