Warmwater fish production as a niche production and market diversification strategy for organic arable farmers, 2005-2007
This is a mixed method dataset. The study is part of the Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU) programme. The research developed a small scale, warmwater production system for growing the fish, tilapia, as a diversification strategy for UK agricultural and arable farmers. A multidisciplinary approach incorporating Marketing, Public Health, Aquaculture and Entrepreneurial perspectives shaped the research which developed a "green" production system for this fish. The system utilises on-farm resources and simplified technology which can be readily adopted as a sustainable and practical approach for farmers unfamiliar with fish production, while niche market opportunities for tilapia were explored, public health and sustainability implications considered and a better understanding of the challenges that face UK farmers was gained. Research techniques used mixed methods drawn from qualitative, quantitative and case study approaches from all the disciplines involved. Further information and documentation for this study may be found through the RELU Knowledge Portal: Warm water fish production as a diversification strategy for arable farmers.
D. Little
Date of publication
Tuesday, September 22, 2009
ESRC study number
SN 6171