Lake District stakeholders' perceptions of personal, organisational and environmental change, 2004-2005
This is a qualitative data collection. The study is part of the Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU) programme. This small-scale research project is part of a RELU Capacity Building Project (CBP) aimed at setting the foundations for interdisciplinary and socially inclusive research at Lancaster University on issues of land use change. Conducted during the last stage of the project, the interviews that constitute this dataset were held with individuals that had been identified as potential partners in future research. While previous informal interviews had provided insights into the official analysis and visions of Lake District futures, these more formal interviews were aimed at gaining a more personal account of processes of institutional and environmental change in the Lake District. More specifically, the objectives of the interviews were: 1) To better understand the personal circumstances and professional sensibilities of individuals that had been identified as potential research partners. This information would allow the members of the RELU CBP to gain a thorough understanding of their research and policy priorities, and be sensitive to their values and implicit assumptions in order to develop a smoother and more robust long term working relationship; 2) To explore the relationship between perceptions of personal, organisational and environmental change in the current transition towards a multifunctional countryside. More specifically, to examine how expectations of change are embedded within perceptions of the (in)ability of organisations/regulatory frameworks/research tools to lead/adapt to environmental and socio-economic transformations.
E. Tipping
P. Macnaghten
Date of publication
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
ESRC study number
SN 6300