Using library resources and a range of archives held in London and Cambridge, the proposed project aims:

a) To integrate existing social science literature on the Andaman Islands in order to develop and to theorise an interdisciplinary analytical approach that addresses problems, issues, and debates related to the complexities of the Islands' social formation.

b)  To understand the enduring legacies of early colonial - indigenous contact, settler relations, and the colonial penal settlement in the Islands (1858-1939) with respect to larger programmes of social engineering imposed on the Islands by the independent Indian state with respect to refugee resettlement between 1949 and 1955.

c) To historicise the phases and patterns of settlement on the Islands since 1858 in order to make sense of post-colonial social relations between indigenous and settler communities.

d) To interogate the geographical and historical peculiarities of the relationship between the 'peripheral' Andaman Islands and 'mainland' India.

e) To generate and to disseminate knowledge about the social history of the Andaman Islands to academic and non-academic stakeholders in order to promote an 'integrated history' of the Islands, and in order to understand in the longer term the sources and strength of contemporary policy debates.



Start date
17 May 2008
End date
16 September 2008
Grant holder
Dr Clare Anderson
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Economic & Social History
Economic and Social History
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